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AMERIGROUP Corporation is a multi-state handled wellness and fitness care organization focused on serving people who receive wellness and fitness care benefits through publicly funded wellness and fitness care applications, such as Condition State medicaid programs applications, Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), Condition State medicaid programs applications expansion applications and Medicare Advantage. The Organization offers a continuum of care management, such as disease management, pharmacy integration, centralized telephonic scenario management, in-person scenario management within wellness and fitness care facilities, and home visit scenario management of some of its associates. As of December 31, 2011, the Organization provided a number of medical maintenance systems to approximately 2,024,000 associates in Texas, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Tennessee, New Jersey, New York, Nevada, Ohio, Virginia and New Mexico. Effective February 1, 2012, it provides handled care services in Louisiana. On May 1, 2012, it acquired Health Plus.

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AMERIGROUP Corpor (NYSE: AGP) revealed EPS in 2.888. For the Present Financial season, the organization is predicted to evaluation EPS of 3.94. For the Next 1 / 4 and Next Year, the organization is predicted to evaluation EPS of 1.31 and 4.93 respectively. At Present Industry Cost, AGP is in the variety of +0.77% from its 50-day Going Regular cost of $90.7346 and +21.98% from its 200-day Going Regular cost of $74.9572. Amerigroup Corp. (NYSE: AGP):  Amerigroup Organization has  declared that they have joined into a specified contract to offer Amerigroup VA, Inc. to Inova. The purchase, which is brokering on the ending of Amerigroup’s and Wellpoint’s (NYSE: WLP) deal, will divest all of Amerigroup’s handled care functions in the Earth of VA.  As was formerly conveyed, Amerigroup and WellPoint, each obtained a ask for for details from the U. s. Declares Division of Rights in relationship with their evaluation of  WellPoint’s awaiting getting Amerigroup. The second asks for targeted on Amerigroup’s functions in the Earth of VA, and both Amerigroup and WellPoint have proved helpful cooperatively with their DOJ team and associates. The purchase of Amerigroup VA, Inc. will not need any modify of conditions or efficiencies to the WellPoint merging contract. The purchase is predicted to shout simultaneously with the WellPoint gets Amerigroup, which is predicted to happen in it all quarter of 2012. Their stocks shut at $91.43, up $0.18 or 0.2% on the day. They have exchanged in a 52-week variety of $37.57 to $91.39.