US Stocks Seen Lower as Greece Concerns Weigh

Inventory of U.S. merchandise catalog indicated by reduced open on Wall Trail on Wednesday, both eastern and western markets, reduced start-up due to financial problems the U.S. with a high polish and Greece increasingly important support lines quickly.

Eurogroup ministers fund that met the above belgium's capital Sunday, I decided to CAD Portugal two years to reduce the range center. However, the decision to delay further tranche of aid for Portugal faire November 20. Meanwhile dans le monde financier Finances, Christine Lagarde, Storage Seat Index and the Eurogroup Jean-Claude Juncker openly fought the Portuguese term for decreased level of debt.

In the United States, the action will keep the above concentrate Wednesday with Saks [SKS 9.88 -0.17 (-1.69%)], Eileen Kors [KORS 50.58 0.15 (+0.3%)], TJX Cos [TJX 40.97 0.24 (0.59%)] and Dow component Home magasin [HD 61.16 0.20 (0.33%)] confirming the third quarter earnings before the start of the U.S. Trade.

Cisco [CSCO 16.855 0.035 (+0.21%)], the element again, Dow, review the U.S. after the bell ends.

Asked analysts by Thomson Reuters predict income Home Shop third fourth one discussion (fully reported) of $ 0.70 on revenue $ 17.9 billion dollars, compared to 0.60 U.S. dollars faire income on revenue $ 17.3 billion U.S. dollars season before.

Earlier on Wednesday, United Kingdom [VOD Go 159.00 -7.60 (-4.56%)] published 1.4 percent decrease in natural income in the second quarters of Services due to a clear recession in the south-east of the west. Polish company has written down the value of its business in the country and Tuscany by 5.9 billion balance ($ 9.3 billion) and reduced full-year outlook.

The range of the U.S. Treasury Department price the month of October will be released at 14 heures avec Wednesday. Economic experts said expected freinage $ 113 billion dollars, in the absence of September from $ 98.5 billion dollars.

Treasury plaisanterie public auction set to 32000000000 dollars in 13-week ads and $ 28 billion in 26 ads a week on Wednesday with results available in produced. Set 85000000000 dollars in 13 weeks, 26 and 52 weeks weekly costs will be from the end of this week.