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Uni-Pixel, Inc. engages within the analysis, development and commercialization of color show technology. It offers customary merchandise to retailer's distributors and OEMs, similarly as Engineering Services to customize application-specific PEFs to the customer's specific needs and desires. PEFs square measure a platform technology that permits development of multiple merchandise across multiple markets. The firm is in optical style and producing of enormous space microstructured chemical compound film materials and connected technologies for the show, versatile natural philosophy, and energy, transportation and recreation industries. The corporation was based on Gregorian calendar month seventeen, 1998.

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Uni-Pixel (NASDAQ: UNXL) is collaborating with a manufacturer of non-public computers to develop and introduce merchandise that contain next-generation bit screens supported UniPixel’s UniBoss pro-cap, multi-touch sensing element film. The firm has granted the laptop maker a restricted exclusive license within the notebook market section for UniBoss Performance designed Film school that provides the retail merchant dedicated production capability, priority development, and most popular valuation. The terms of the arrangement and name of the laptop maker square measure personal. Shares of Uni-Pixel, Inc. (NCM: UNXL) square measure commercialism at $9.75 and is +38.54% of its 50-day Moving Average value of $7.0376 and +56.42% from its 200-day Moving Average value of $6.2333. The common commercialism volume is 74534 shares and its market capitalization is $94.2M.

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The advantages of UniBoss bit screen technology embrace higher bit response and sensitivity, superior bit distinction, highest sturdiness, the lower power needs, and extensibility to several sizes and type factors. It additionally guarantees lower production prices versus customary ITO-based bit technology, as well as lower material prices, fewer steps within the producing method and a simplified provide chain.